The problems of Laos Hmong people in KhegNoi sub-district, KhaoKho district, Phetchabun province that affect national security.


  • Akadate Sonloy Master of Political Science Program in Politics and Government, College of Innovation and Management, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
  • Sunthan Chayanon


Problem Laos Hmong, national security, Model 2PLT


The objectives of this research are: 1) to study the problems and causes of problems of Laos Hmong people in the area of KheNoi Sub-district, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province that affect national security, 2) the solutions for Laos Hmong people in KhegNoi Sub-district, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun Province that affect national security. This is a qualitative research. The key-informers consisted of 6 persons who were selected based on a purposive method.The in-depth interview was conducted with 37 persons. The data were also collected by non-participative observation method. Found that the problems of Laotian Hmong that affects to the national security consists of 4 problems. 1. The drug problems, found that the Laos Hmong people are involved in the drug trade since moving from the border to the interior of the country while some are the users. There are 4 types of drugs that Hmong people like to use are opium, heroin, hemp and amphetamine. 2. The problems of encroaching on the forest land, found that most of the Hmong Laos invades the forest areas is for a forest clearing to be used for floating shifting cultivation for growing monoculture such as corn, which is a short term plant and high compensation, and for selling a land to the investors to build a resort and a vacation home. 3. The problems of illegal logging, found that the illegal logging by the Laos Hmong people is to earning money such as finding firewood, charcoal burning, using wood to build a house and sell it to the wood broker, sawmill owner and wood processing plant owner and 4. The wildlife poaching problems, found that the Hmong people hunt to meet the needs of certain groups of people that are popular with consuming wildlife products while some of Hmong people hunt for belief that it is a tonic. As stated in above, all the problems affect to the national security. The solution for the said problems is called 2PLT Model that consists of: 1) Policy, the government should set up the policy with the same direction, 2) Participation, every related unit should have obligation and be responsible for the consequences, 3) Law enforcement, there must be a measure and a distinct legal punishment for those wrongdoers and those involved individuals, and 4) Training, the promotion of occupation, the building of consciousness based on the national strategy and changing situation. 


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