Enhancing the Morality and Ethics of Juvemil by Using Cultural Capital


  • Phrakrurattanasutaphorn (Teeradet Photong) Progarm in Public administration Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University Buddhachinaraj Buddhist College


Strategy, Spatial Development, Indochina Intersection


Research paper on composition analysis and strategy formulation for integrated spatial development of Indochina intersection The objectives are 1) to study the components and issues of spatial development activities in Indochina intersection, 2) to develop the process of creating a set of joint activities of stakeholders in driving the Indochina intersection, and 3) to remove lessons in Create activity sets in spatial development at Indochina intersection. It is a Qualitative Research using participatory action research. (Participatory Action Research-PAR), with research tools, which are a meeting with key informants (Key Informants) is a forum. To study the composition analysis Activity Issues and Strategic Strategies for Integrated Spatial Development of Indochina Which are personnel with expertise and experience in government mechanisms in spatial management in accordance with the strategy of Indochina intersection such as public network, private sector and public sector The results of the research are as follows: 1) Composition and issues of spatial development activities in Indochina intersection. There are components and issues for development activities, namely government, civil society, private sector, and academic sector, must cooperate to develop the potential of all relevant sectors. Must be able to systematically manage human resources, funds, and materials Must continue from planning and organization When planning an event Allocated work and organization structure Executives will have to recruit people to work appropriately. Organization management should have a clear objective. For work aimed at the same goal. 2) Develop the process of creating a set of joint activities of stakeholders to drive the Indochina intersection. Every sector, whether public, private, public or academic, after the discussion. There is an agreement that all sectors must work together in a systematic manner. There is information sharing with each other. Have a working plan meeting Follow up the work and report regularly. Use the resources that are most efficient and effective. Must provide full assistance to those affected by the project Promoting the integration of people in the community, doing activities to listen to community problems. By opening public spaces for ongoing activities. 3) Take lessons in creating a set of activities in spatial development in Indochina intersection. In the analysis of strategies and trends of spatial development of Indochina intersection Phitsanulok Province is considered as one of the major cities located in the lower northern region, being the center of government centers. Logistics center and transportation network There are many tourist attractions. Livable and safe city Therefore, Phitsanulok Province is a city with strong, economic and social sustainability. Convenient and safe for life. Marketing system of fruit and vegetable products Currently, this is not good enough performance Some of the reasons may be that vegetables and fruits are perishable products. Freshness, not development, is not just about economic growth. But must consider the society, the good quality of life of the people, the balance of the environment Send feedback History Saved Community


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)