Problems of Promoting and Supporting OTOP Operators in Obtaining National Standards, of Community Development Officers in Chaiyaphum Province

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Kamolpop Sriboonrueng
Siwach Sripokangkul


This research has an objective to studies the community development officers in Chaiyaphum Community Development Agency. There has a problem in authority for the support and promotion of OTOP (One Tambon One Product) entrepreneurs to get the National Standard for OTOP. The research has mixed methodology (in-depth interview and observation), the research sample consisted of OTOP entrepreneurs and community development officers in 16 district, Chaiyaphum province overall 32 people. The result of research has found that the community development officers have a problem in authority for the support and promotion of OTOP entrepreneurs in 2 topics: (1) Uncertainty in the policies of middie and high-level authorities, and (2) Many tasks in community development are unable to support OTOP entrepreneurs fully. Although the Chaiyaphum Community Development Agency will provide OTOP Segmentation training and coordination with agencies that own national standards such as Chaiyaphum Provincial Public Health Agency, Chaiyaphum Provincial Industry Agency, but lacked follow-up after training Therefore causing entrepreneurs to encounter problems in product development And unable to expand the market or eventually liquidated. The topics of Basic knowledge about obtaining national standards found that most officers do not know about obtaining national standards because there is no time to studies this knowledge, or there is no training for officers and have a vision in this mission of other departments that have responsibility already.


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