Analysis of Political Communication Strategies in Implementing Civil State Policies of The Government of General Prayut Chan-Ocha to Practice


  • Manaschai Antasaeng Innovation Management College, Suansunandha University
  • Wijittra Srisorn Innovation Management College, Suansunandha University
  • Sunthan Chayanon Innovation Management College, Suansunandha University


Political Communication Strategies, Implementing Civil State Policies, Prayut Chan-ocha Government Implementation


Analysis of the political communication strategy of the civil state policy. Strategies that are currently being used. It mainly focuses on all forms of communication carried out by politicians and those involved in politics directly to politicians. and meet the needs of the people. It is the process of bringing people's demands and needs to the government. In order to formulate policies and decisions of the government and lead to policy making for the people, known as “Civil State Policies” which is political communication to the people thoroughly by building relationships between people and government through policy communication. The distribution of benefits to the general public, everyone has access to the welfare system. which is a tool of political communication of the state welfare card policy is Social Media Network


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