Decision-Making of Buying Men Cosmetics via Facebook in Chiang Mai Province


  • Siriamon Kaweera Faculty of Business Administration, Northern College
  • Achiravit Chockpokanapong Faculty of Business Administration, Northern College


Decision-making, Chiang Mai, Men Cosmetics


The objective of this descriptive research was to study the marketing mix that specific on product and promotion that affect the decision-making of buying Buying Men Cosmetics s via Facebook in Chiang Mai Province. The population and sample were the groups of people who have purchased the products online via the applications of the group of Men in Chiang Mai Province using the nonprobability sampling method and also quota sampling and purposive sampling method to get 400 samples. The research instrument were a checklist questionnaire and a 5-level rating scale. Quantitative data were analyzed by the descriptive statistic, frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and test statistic of multiple linear regression. The research’s results showed that the marketing mix of product and promotion in overall was at a high level in all aspects.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)