A comparative study of the use of the traditional and electronic documentary dispatch systems developed by the Digital Government Development Agency: A case study of Nong Phai Lom Subdistrict Municipality, Mueang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province


  • Porapa Khongkasemphiban College of local Administration, Khon Kaen University
  • Panpun Ronghanam College of local Administration, Khon Kaen University


e-document system, document system, compare


The objectives of this research were: 1) to study the working pattern of the old e-document system within the Digital Government Development Agency, and 2) to study the effectiveness of the e-document system in Nong Phai Lom Subdistrict Municipality, Muaeng District in Nakhonratchasima province. This is descriptive research which applied purposive sampling for the target group which included 4 administrators, and 9 officers who have used the e-document system. The data was collected through semi-structured interview and analyzed through coding from the transcript of the interviews. The results showed: 1) improvement of the document system after the application of e-document system - the process of receiving, sending, and finding the documents is faster as well as reducing the steps of forwarding the documents to other departments and amount of paper, 2) the quality of the system and information - the system is user-friendly and convenient as the officers can access the official documents from any devices, and the information is precise and complete with longer document storage, 3) problems from users - the registration is rather difficult and complicated due to the system security, so some officers thought the old system was better because they were not used to working with computers.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)