The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), Naresuan University (NU), publishes an academic journal called "Journal of Social Sciences Naresuan University (JSSNU)", with the aim of creating a platform to stimulate the exchange of up-to-date scholarly works and research in the field of social sciences. Three experts from related fields, both internal and external, serve as peer reviewers for each article. The editorial team also uses a system in which the evaluators and authors of the articles do not know each other's names (double-blind review). Selected articles will be published in the journal and on the FSS website, giving access to Thai and international readers who may be interested.


The JSSNU aims to promote and support faculty members, scholars, students, and the public in disseminating academic works as well as creating, developing, and exchanging academic knowledge in the field of social sciences.


The JSSNU accepts academic articles, research articles, review articles, and book reviews. The scope of the academic content of the JSSNU will cover all aspects of social sciences such as psychology, history, political science, public administration, sociology, anthropology, and so on.

Type of Article

  • Academic article
  • Research article
  • Review article
  • Book review

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts will be evaluated by three reviewers who are experts in specific fields from various institutions. Authors and reviewers must not be affiliated with the same institution. The peer review process is double-blinded, meaning the author and reviewer identities are concealed from each other. Therefore, the decision to publish submitted manuscripts is based on an objective evaluation by the expert reviewers, along with the editorial team’s review.

Publication Schedule

The JSSNU has published two issues per year as follows:

  • Issue 1: January - June
  • Issue 2: July - December

Publication Type

The JSSNU provides two types of publication:

  • Hard copy ISSN: 2985-2811 (Print)
  • Electronic ISSN: 2985-282X (Online)

Publication Fee

The JSSNU does not charge publishing fees. All articles are freely accessible to readers through the journal's website.

Journal Owner

Faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University

Copyright Notice

  • Any knowledge and opinions expressed by authors are their own, and not necessary those of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Naresuan University, including the editorial board of JSSNU.
  • Any article published in the journal is considered the copyright of the Journal of Social Sciences Naresuan University (JSSNU). Therefore, permission is required to republish.