Introductory essay: The Traces of Machiavelli’s idea in the Dutch republic at the time of Van Vliet

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Kan Boonyakanchana


The aim of this introductory essay is to study the traces of the ideas of Machiavelli in the Dutch republic during Van Vliet time and try to assimilate them to Van Vliet context. The study shows that the traces of the ideas of Machiavelli in the Dutch republic context can be divided into 3 parts: 1) political context 2) academic context 3) popularization context. Overall, the results from this study show that there are many traces of Van Vliet context which can be traced back to Machiavelli ideas.


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Boonyakanchana, K. (2019). Introductory essay: The Traces of Machiavelli’s idea in the Dutch republic at the time of Van Vliet. Journal of Social Sciences Naresuan University, 14(1), 14_61–78. Retrieved from
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