The U.S. War Veterans, Trauma in the Post-Iraqi War

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Chyatat Supachalasai


The aim of this article is to present that there is an emergence of the new subjectivity in the Iraqi war aftermath. In this article, a new subjectivity referred to the U.S. war veterans after the official declaration of military withdrawals by the Obama administration in the year 2007. However, it seems that the war continues in a form of trauma, a psychological effect that continues in the mental psyche of the veterans. The war influences the veterans to have a new attitude towards the society and because of the war-effect, it is hard for them to return to the ordinary life. This article interrogates a simple question, that is, the influence of Iraqi war to the war veterans’ mentality to which war plays a key role in reshaping the veteran subjectivity: a new subjectivity at war ended.


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