A Critical Study of the Influence of Investigative Journalism News Programs on the administration of the Police

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Wannipa Bhumithavara
Dhiyathad Prateeppornnarong


The objectives of this research were to study the methods of case management of the police officers, the role of Investigative Journalism News Programs in working on high-profile cases and to study the Influence of Investigative Journalism News Programs on the performance of the police. This research uses qualitative research methodology which uses the documentary research and in-depth interview with a purposive sampling of 30 participants. These include police officers, representatives from the moderator or Investigative Journalism News Programs producer, lawyer with experience in criminal cases, criminal justice academics, and representatives from the people involved in case studies. The empirical findings of this research indicated that the police officers will be ordered to establish a working group for temporary consisting of the inquiry department and the investigation department. Investigative Journalism News Programs plays important roles in working on high-profile cases by tracking and monitoring with the long period of the prosecution. These will be causing citizens, commanders and police officers more active and attentive to prosecution. However, these influences might be causing the mistake in prosecution and making the offenders escape. It might be making a copy-cat as well. Moreover, the finding from this research reflecting that the relationship between the media and the police officers would be mutually beneficial, also there are others influence that comes along with the prosecution.


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Bhumithavara, W. ., & Prateeppornnarong, D. . (2020). A Critical Study of the Influence of Investigative Journalism News Programs on the administration of the Police. Journal of Social Sciences Naresuan University, 16(2), 303–330. https://doi.org/10.14456/jssnu.2020.17
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