Santi-Asoke: Political Thought and Diagnostic Framing in The Thaksin Government

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Vasuchon Rakprachathai


This article describes the political thought of Santi-Asoke and their views in the Thaksin government, which caused Santi Asoke to start a movement with other networks on behalf of the People’s Alliance for Democracy in 2006. The studies relied on a review of Santi Asoke’s political activism through previous studies, academic articles, Related news, as well as interviews with leaders and the masses belonging to conservative groups, using the framing process theory as a fundamental tool. The studies found that the master frame of Santi-Asoke is religion linked to politics: religion and politics are related, religion is more valuable than politics, political rights are unequal depending on sin and merit, and the concept of Thai-conservative in the meaning of nation-religion-king. During the Thaksin government, Santi-Asoke has created a diagnostic framework and indicates that the government is administering wrong, which caused Santi Asoke to call out and against the Thaksin government in 2006.


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Rakprachathai ว. (2021). Santi-Asoke: Political Thought and Diagnostic Framing in The Thaksin Government . Journal of Social Sciences Naresuan University, 17(2), 123–152.
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