1. The author must declare to the JSSNU that the manuscript submitted to the journal is produced by the author has the correct academic referencing to avoid plagiarism.
  2. The manuscript must not infringe on the copyright or intellectual property of others.
  3. All authors whose names appear in an article must have contributed to the research. If it is written by more than one author, the ordering of author names must be agreed by all co-authors and must be clearly clarified to the journal’s editor.
  4. The author must not submit a duplicate manuscript to other journals concurrent with the submission to JSSNU.
  5. Authors must obtain written permission from third parties to reproduce copyrighted content and images (text and images).
  6. The author should clearly specify the source of funding for the research (if any) in the manuscript.
  7. If there is a potential conflict of interest in relation to content published in the JSSNU, the author must clearly state this.
  8. Authors should notify editors of any typographical errors so that the JSSNU can republish them as an erratum prior to public distribution.
  9. Authors have the right to request clarification from the editor regarding the decision on whether or not to publish their works.
  10. Authors must write articles in accordance with the format specified by the journal.
  11. Authors must provide articles based on fact and ensure the content is not false or distorted.
  12. Authors must reference other people's works in the article (in-text citation when they are cited) including a bibliography.