Analyzing of Sports Tourist Behavior: Empirical Study in Buriram Province

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Ditthita Boonjiam
Ornanong Puarattanaarunkorn


           The purposes of this study were to find out sport tourism tourists’ behaviors and travel itinerary in Buriram. The sample includes the sport tourism tourists who visit Moto GP 2019 in Buriram, Thailand.

           This research is different from previous research on sports tourism behavior.  By collecting and searching for travel patterns and travel routes of sports tourists to various tourist destinations, Social Network Analysis was applied to demonstrate the network of tourism travel results. The outcomes of this study revealed that the main attraction of the tourism was Chang International Circuit. And, the tourists would also have a trip to Chang Arena, Khao Kradong National Forest Park, local mall and Wat Pa Khao Noi, respectively. The results from this empirical finding can be used as basic information for both public and private sectors in terms of planning policies and strategies by managing travel routes; travel program; develop transportation; facilities in various tourist attractions, to satisfy the needs of tourists and to enhance the potential and development of Buriram Province as a sports tourism city.

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Boonjiam, D., & Puarattanaarunkorn, O. (2021). Analyzing of Sports Tourist Behavior: Empirical Study in Buriram Province. KKBS Journal of Business Administration and Accountancy, 5(2), 1–16. Retrieved from
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