Duties of Authors

1. The manuscript submitted to the journal must be proven by the author that:

           1) The manuscript or any part of the manuscript has not been plagiarized. It has not been published in any journal or is under the review of any journal, both national and international.

           2) All the content of the manuscript as well as pictures, tables, and so on is part of the author’s research project. No distorted or false information is reported.

           3) All in-text citations must be included in the reference list. The manuscript must follow the style sheet of the journal. In case of the violation of copyright, it is the responsibility of the author.

           4) Thoughts and opinions found in the manuscript are solely that of, not of the journal.

2. The author agrees to revise the format and the quality of the manuscript as suggested by the editor and the reviewers.

3. Before the manuscript is accepted for publication on the journal’s website and in hard copies, it is the author’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the manuscript content. In cases where the author wishes to withdraw the manuscript, the author should write to inform the journal.

4. All published manuscripts are the copy-right of the Faculty of Business Administration and Accountancy, Khon Kaen University.


Duties of Reviewers

1. Reviewers are to have expertise in the area of the manuscript to be reviewed. If the area of inquiry is not the reviewer’s expertise, the reviewer should inform the journal in order for the journal to select a new reviewer.

2. Reviewers are to review the manuscript with academic integrity and no biases.

3. Reviewers should inform the journal if the plagiarism is detected.

4. Reviewers should return the result of the review within the timeframe suggested by the journal. In case extension is needed, reviewers should write to inform the journal.

5. Reviewers agree to conduct more reviews of the manuscript if it is required further revisions before it is accepted for publication.


Duties of Editors

1. The editorial team is responsible for assessing the general quality of the manuscript and whether it is within the scope of the journal. At this stage, the author will be notified whether the manuscript will be processed to the peer review stage or whether it is rejected because it is beyond the scope of the journal.

2. The editorial team will select at least two reviewers who are experts in the areas of the manuscript. The names of the reviewers are anonymous.

3. The final decision to accept or reject a manuscript will be made by the editorial team. In case, the two reviewers report different results, a third reviewer will be invited.

4. To include accepted manuscripts in each volume, the editorial team will consider the submission date, the advanced knowledge of the manuscript, the variety of topics, and other related issues.

5. In cases when the accepted manuscript cannot be published in a volume stated in the acceptance letter, it will be published in a subsequent volume.