The Influences of Service Quality in Water Parks and Tourists Experience on Intention to Revisit

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Wongladda Weerapaiboon
Rosamarin Arunothaipipat
Jittasak Putjorn
Prommatr Jindachote


      The objectives of this study are to investigate the effects of service quality and tourists experience on intention to revisit water parks. This research has employed quantitative research approach, using questionnaires to collect data from 372 samplings which are Thai tourists.
The researchers utilized Descriptive Statistics, Pearson Correlation and Multiple Regression to analyze the data. The results revealed that the level of service quality, tourist experience and intention to revisit are high. The correlation between variables indicates in high level and relates in the same direction. For hypothesis testing, it was shown that the quality of service and tourist experience have positive effects on intention to revisit. The results of this study provide useful knowledge on the area of service quality and tourists experience, while entrepreneurs can apply 


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Weerapaiboon, W. ., Arunothaipipat, R., Putjorn, J., & Jindachote, P. (2022). The Influences of Service Quality in Water Parks and Tourists Experience on Intention to Revisit. KKBS Journal of Business Administration and Accountancy, 6(2), 19–35. Retrieved from
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