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Sombat Peutthipongsapuc


The Juvenile and Family Court (“The Court”) is not only a court of justice in general senses, but also considered to be a place where it solves a problem which assists the litigants to settle internal conflicts. It is established for the purpose of addressing social problems and protecting the welfare of citizens. Regarding welfare protection cases,the Court has the jurisdiction over both civil and criminal matters. As to criminal cases,the Court has been allowed to punish offenders under the Domestic Violence Victim Protection Act B.E.2550 and the Child Protection Act B.E.2546. Also, during the proceeding, it has the authority to issue an order to restrain the act of domestic violence or unlawful treatment of children. Conversely, Criteria of civil cases are different because the Court can exercise its power upon requests and the concurrent criminal proceeding which unnecessarily established. As a result, the welfare protection of regarding civil cases is more expedite and effective in terms of alleviating domestic violence or illegal treatment of children. Moreover, educating the public about their legal rights and welfare protection provided by the Court, particularly for civil cases, would significantly be a useful and informative way so as to diminish domestic violence or illegal treatment of children.This approach will bring about public safety and order to families and society.


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