The Adaptation of U.S. Criminal Justice System Impacted by Covid-19 that is Applicable to Thailand

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Pawinee Praithong


The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unexpected natural phenomenon for human Kind and become a major impact to economic, social and daily lives of people around the world. The Criminal Justice System in the U.S., the world’s most infectious patients, has been adapted for the Covid-19 in all process; pre-trial, trial, sentencing, punishment and prison. The lessons from the U.S. could be adapted to Thailand in several ways. However, there must be some considerations from all departments involved in the Thai Criminal Justice System in order to establish the most suitable adaptation and maintaining justice.

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Praithong, Pawinee. “The Adaptation of U.S. Criminal Justice System Impacted by Covid-19 That Is Applicable to Thailand”. Naresuan University Law Journal 14, no. 1 (June 18, 2021): 27–47. Accessed June 21, 2024.
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