Law Enforcement for Protection of Marine Fishery Employee’s Rights in Songkhla Province

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Kannaphat Chittawong


This research aims at studying the problem and obstacles of labour in the fishery sector in terms of law enforcement in order to protect the marine fishery employee’s rights in Songkhla province. It should be noted that this research is qualitative research since it is based on supportive documents, and the conduction of field research such as interviews with stakeholders who directly involved in this topic. According to this study, these types of labour have encountered with several difficulties such as working in 3Ds conditions which derives from Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult. It is worth mentioning that the working conditions of the marine fishery employees are also unstable since working on a fishing vessel is quite difficult to provide working hours and vacation as same as normal work. In terms of Protection of Marine Fishery Employee’s Rights, this research shows that the Ministerial Regulation concerning Labour Protection in Sea Fishery Work B.E. 2557 is only a legal instrument that protect the rights of workers in sea fishery sector. Nevertheless, it avoids mentioning the compensation where an accident occurs. Therefore, the marine fishery employees need particular protection from state’s mechanisms. It is important to note that the improvement of law is required. Labour Protections Act B.E. 2551 should be amendment to include the provision on the enhancement of the work and life condition of marine fishery employees in a long term.


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Chittawong, Kannaphat. “Law Enforcement for Protection of Marine Fishery Employee’s Rights in Songkhla Province”. Naresuan University Law Journal 9, no. 1 (June 30, 2016): 183. Accessed March 9, 2021.
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