Legal Problems of Copyright Regarding the Distribution of Digital Goods

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Mata Sindam


There are three controversial issues regarding the distribution of copyrighted goods in electronic format or digital goods: 1) Ownership right; 2) Distribution method (as it is rarely possible to avoid infringement); and 3) Exhaustion of rights which can be debated if this concept is applicable to the copyright of the digital goods. The research shows that the distribution of copyrighted goods in electronic format should be permitted by copyright law. This includes the use of specific technology to assist copyright owners in case they are uncertain if their consumers have deleted digital goods from their devices yet or in case of non-deterioration. In addition, the use of technology can also prevent consumers from violating owners’ distribution right and any other reproductions and infringements. Therefore, consumers’ right in digital goods will be treated the same as the consumers’ right in tangible goods.


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Sindam, Mata. “Legal Problems of Copyright Regarding the Distribution of Digital Goods”. Naresuan University Law Journal 9, no. 1 (July 7, 2016): 251. Accessed April 19, 2021.
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Mata Sindam, Faculty of Law, Bangkok University



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