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Financial management, Organic agricultural, Information system, Organic Salted Soya Bean


Financial Management model by using information system for organic salted soya producers groups at Bandon Chiang, Maetaeng District, Chiang Mai Province. The objectives are studying financial management model and studying financial development by using information system for salted soya bean Producers Group. The results show: Part 1 financial management for Salted Soya Bean Producers Group consist of 1.1) financial planning, the group lacks of formal financial planning, 1.2) financing, the group is only have own capital. 1.3) investment, the group invests in current assets and fixed assets, and 1.4) financial controlling, the group does not have financial controlling. Part 2 financial development model by using Microsoft Excel Program consist of 2.1) financial planning and financial budgeting 2.2) financial recording and financial reporting, and 2.3) financial controlling. This financial development model can solve the mistake about total summary number and save time to calculation. Moreover, the Salted Soya Bean Producers Group can make financial decision by using financial analysis to develop and improve the operation performance efficiently.


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