• Thritthamon Cheeking Faculty of Business Administration, Rangsit University
  • Kulabutr Komenkul Faculty of Business Administration, Rangsit University Rangsit International College, Rangsit University
  • Sumalee Sawang Faculty of Business Administration, Rangsit University
  • Puripat Chankit School of Management Science, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University


Financial discipline, Financial literacy


The research aims to study the financial discipline of the officers at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, to investigate their financial knowledge, and to discover factors with regard to behavior, attitude, and financial knowledge affecting their financial discipline. The samples were 355 participants. The instrument for data collection was a 5-likert scale questionnaire. Path analysis and regression analysis were employed for data analysis. The results showed that the financial discipline of the officers was at a high level. Mean 49% of the samples had never defaulted on their loans. In general, they were found to have had financial plans with their spending objectives. However, they were found not to keep records of their incomes and expenses regularly. Additionally, their financial knowledge was at a moderate level (3.23). Most of them lacked understanding of purchasing power and time value of money. Finally, their attitude, media exposure, social norm, and consumerism affected their financial discipline. More interestingly, attitude was the most significant factor. Financial literacy was not found to have an effect on their financial discipline.


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