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Corporate Governance, Thai Commercial Banking


The purpose of this research is to investigate and compare the level of corporate governance in the commercial banks registered in Thailand. With the total of 14 banks, they are divided into 3 groups regarding
to the commercial banking ratio of the Bank of Thailand. In this research, the data were collected by questionnaires with the total of 352 samples. The samples are 3 divisions that are responsible in monitoring the commercial banks as Compliance Department, Risk Management Department and Internal Audit Department. According to the overall results, the respondents provided the answers that all the commercial banks have concerned and pay attention to the corporate governance by applying to the banks with the significant level. Moreover, it is also found that every banks most concern on the integrity. In addition, the respondents state that the commercial banks should give the priority to the following issues; 1) The recruitments should focus mainly on individual skills and abilities without patronage system, 2) Every staffs should have a part in various committees of other divisions, 3) The rewards and benefits should be suitable with the number of works, 4) The staffs capacity should be appropriated with the workloads, and 5) The staffs in every departments are all equality. The researcher has analyzed by dividing the commercial banks regarding to the size. It is found that the large size of the commercial banks have pay most attention to the rule of law and equality and integrity which are different from the medium and small size with the significant level of 0.05.


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