Concerns regarding infectious disease prevention: An issue for maritime management


  • Beuy Joob Academic Consultant Center, Modane, France
  • Viroj Wiwaitkit University Centre for Research & Development Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chandigarh University Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab, India



Maritime, Infectious disease, Prevention


A frequent issue in medicine is infectious disease. It is feasible for infectious diseases to spread to other locations. A prospective breakout of an infectious disease among seafarers on board must be addressed carefully for the sake of maritime safety. The authors of this article provide a summary of infectious disease prevention. In this mini review, relevant reports are summarized and discussed.


  • Maritime workers must work long hours and must be concerned about their health
  • Infectious disease is a common issue, and maritime workers are at risk of contracting it
  • There are many possible infectious diseases among maritime workers
  • Prevention of infectious diseases among maritime workers is needed
  • It is necessary to develop guidelines for infection prevention and control in maritime activities


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