Linking Situation Analysis and Research Network Analysis into Roadmap Development: A Case Study of NLP (Natural Language Processing)

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Boonkiart Iewwongcharoen
Nathasit Gerdsri


Strategies for developing countries or organizations can be formulated by several means. A well-accepted process is the creation of development guiding maps; also known as the “Roadmap.” The formulation of a roadmap starts from the analysis of factors that affect changes and the analysis of future needs. The results will help setting the desired strategic goals and details of development plans, which will be carried out in both investment and necessary activities to achieve the specified goals. This requires analyzing the present and forecasting the future through the processes of Forecasting and Foresight, along with an analysis of the national network readiness of researchers through bibliometric analysis. This article will present a roadmap for research and development of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for Thailand's digital industry, which is part of a project supported by Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI) to use as a framework for promoting and supporting the researches in the future.

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