Online Influence of Consumers’ Purchase Intention towards Products Endorsed by Korean Boy Bands on Youtube

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Wanthida Tiwari
Worawan Ongkrutraksa


The objective of the study is to understand the influence of advertisement format and platform engagement on purchase intention for products endorsed by Korean boy bands on YouTube. The study was conducted with a quantitative approach from 408 respondents exposed to YouTube ads in 2022. The results show that advertising format, namely product placement (B= 0.267) has a positive influence on the purchase intention of the Thai audience alongside the action of clicking ‘Like’ (B = 0.108). Analysis through multiple regression shows a positive influence of the product placement variable on purchase intention over other advertisement formats available on YouTube. The results suggest the significance of in content product placement method aiming for more aiming the ‘Like’ metric of engagement for effective targeting for low involvement products.

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