Employability: The New Deal of Short-Term Employment

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Sunisa Chorkaew


Employability concerned about competency to perform tasks, competency to remain employment, and competency to obtain new employment, if required. It came up with changing in employment contract undergoing shift and transitioning from long-term employment to short-term ones and from hierarchical to multidirectional growing. This article was, therefore, aimed at pinning the point of today changing employment and contemporary concept of careers. Main argument of the article is pertaining to the idea of employability as a new covenant or a new deal of employment. Instead of a promise of lifelong employment, the point is that organizations should support their contract employees to gain much more employability as much as possible. Developing employability does not specifically belong to the roles of someone, but various sectors in the community should take collective action and responsibility. The cases discussed in the paper encourage stakeholders such as organizations, education institutions and government sector to pay much more attention to workforce skill gaps and employability development.

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