Impacts of Flood on Migration

  • Kingkan Jongsukklai
Keywords: Impact of flood, Migration, Resilience, Vulnerability


This research investigated the decision whether to move out of the flooded communities of the households experiencing flood during 2010 - 2011 in 3 provinces: Nan, Khonkaen and Songkhla totaling 431 households. It was reverled that flood-victims’ rationale that triggered their decision to migrate from the area or remained in the same area was related to resilence and vulnerability of the area. The result from logistic regression analysis found that the severity of flood lasting at least 14 days and the frequency of facing flood in the decade were key factors that affected the households’ decision on migration. The economic factors relating to having single income source and not owning their land affected households’ financial stability. Consequently, the households with vulnerable economic status decided to leave the community for surrival  since living outside the affected community costed less than in the flooded area.


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