A Linkage of Employees Rights and Benefits in the Workmen’s Compensation Fund Bill and Social Security Bill

  • Vichai Thosuwanjinda Kasem Bundit University
Keywords: Workers’ right and benefit, Workmen’s Compensation Bill, Social Security Bill


This research adopted a mixed approach of quantitative method by questionnaire and qualitative method by in-depth interview. It was revealed that all parties concerned agreed that rights and benefits of workers from Workmen’s Compensation Fund and Social Security Fund should   be linked. On medical service, workers who were sick or got accident from work, could get the benefit for Workmen’s Compensation Fund and complimented with medical service of Social Security Fund. Alternatively they could use their rights in the social security system, but the hospital would have to make an agreement with the souled serenity system in order to claim for additional expense for sickness or accident at work. For the benefits of workers on income compensation, rehabilitation expense, invalidity benefits and death benefits, these should be adjusted to be equal in all aspects at whatever the higher level. Moreover, the social security board and workmen’ compensation board should adjust benefits of workers from both systems to the same level


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