The Implementation of SAP to Enhance Operational Efficiency

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  • ชัยรัตน์ สุริยะอาภา
Keywords: Efficiency, operational, Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)


The purpose of this research was to observe and identify the factors of Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) affecting the operational efficiency of Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) staff in Minburi and Ladkrabang districts. Questionnaires were used as a means for data collection from a sample of 90 MEA staff in the districts. It was revealed that implementation of SAP led to operational efficiency at MEA Minburi and Ladkrabang districts at a moderate level. There were 4 key success factors of SAP system that influenced operational efficiency of the MEA staff, i.e., quality of SAP: SAP had password of an access to the operational system; information quality of SAP were timely and reliable.; information usage: SAP were convenient, less complex and easy to use.; and effects on staff: staff were required to participate in SAP training programs regularly. All these factors affected the operational efficiency in 3 aspects:, i.e., cost effectiveness, timeliness and; quality of works.


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