The Evaluation of Dual Master Degree in Public Administration and Business Administration Curriculum (Improved Curriculum, 2018)

  • นิคม เจียรจินดา Ramkamhang University
  • วรินทร์ธร ธรสารสมบัติ
  • วิรมล เวศสุนทรเทพ
Keywords: Curriculum evaluation, objective of the curriculum, satisfaction


This research was a quantitative research employing questionnaire for data collection from students, graduates, employers of graduates, faculty members, and experts. It was revealed that faculty members, employers of a graduates and experts demonstrated that the programme were very much responsive to present social need and real life whereas present students and graduates expressed very favorable attitude toward the program in the said espects.  Moreover, employers of graduates reported that they were very satisfied with the graduates in both their qualifications and performances.


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