Effectiveness of the Implementation of Consumer Protection Policies in the Consumer Protection Act BE 2522

  • พรรษิษฐ์ บุญเทพประทาน
  • พันเอก บุญเอื้อ บุญฤทธิ์
Keywords: Consumer protection policies, foreign tourists, Consumer Protection Act


The main research objectives were to analyze the Consumer Protection Act BE 2552 and procedures for effective  implementation of the Act, and to develop policy guidelines for both public and private operation of the agencies involved in the protection of foreign tourists. It was a mixed methods of both qualitative, primarily by in-depth interviews with 8 experts, and quantitative research consisting of a sample of 400 foreign tourists. The research result reveals an Effectiveness Model of Foreign Tourists Protection Policy that comprised three components: consumer protection policy, tourism industry, and competition in the tourism industry.


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