The Development of Industrial Relations in Chonburi Province

  • ชยุตพงศ์ นิลอ่อน
  • วิชัย โถสุวรรณจินดา
  • พันเอก บุญเอื้อ บุญฤทธิ์
Keywords: Industrial Relations, Labour Union, collective bargaining


The main objectives of this study were to find out and analyse the problems of labour relations at industrial enterprises in Chonburi Province and to make suggestions for the development of a the suitable industrial relations system. It adopted a qualitative research approach by means of in-depth interviews of 40 key informants from 4 groups, consisting of employees, workers, government officials and academics. It was found that there was a need for development of labour relations at industrial enterprises in Chonburi Province. Labour relations problems included understandard of practices to workers, particularly safety and health, insufficient training and low wages and salaries. Moreover, some employers did not recognize trade union and brought in outside persons as advisors which created conflict during collective bargaining and a lack of sufficient participation of employees.   


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