Transmission of Thai Music by Prof. Dr. Udhis Narkswasdi

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     This article is part of a research project entitled transmission of Thai music by Professor Dr. Udhis Narkswasdi.  The purposes of this research were to study his biography and methods of conveying Thai music through a television programme by way of conducting qualitative methods: examining 2 recordings of the shows, interviewing 14 relatives, close students, and former audience of the programme. It was revealed that Professor Dr. Narkswasdi was born in 1923 at his residence in Samut Songkhram Province. As the second child in a family of nine children, he first started Thai music lessons with his father taking saw sam sai lessons (three-stringed fiddle lessons) from Phraya Phamueesawin (Chitr Chittasewi) and later gave live performances on radio shows. In 1956, he devoted himself as a student to Luang Pradit Phairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng). From then on, he studied music theories and became an exceptional musician on saw sam sai (three-stringed fiddle), saw daung (high-pitched fiddle), saw u (low-pitched fiddle), and khlui (flute). He was conferred the right to officiate a pay homage to music and dance teachers’ ceremony.  Research findings also showed that his five methods in transmitting Thai music through television are as follows: 1) using entertaining contents, 2) having conversations with guest artists during the shows, 3) adding comedic jokes, together with giving knowledge about Thai music knowledge, 4) using various music genres for each show, and 5) using his own intellectual knowledge and ingenious attributes in hosting the television programme. These resulted in having numerous following viewers and making the program an effective platform of sharing Thai musical knowledge to a wider audience.


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