Promoting the Creative Work Behavior to Innovation Effectiveness and Organizational Performance


  • นฤมล จิตรเอื้อ
  • วิโรจน์ เจษฎาลักษณ์


Creative Work Behavior, Creative Leadership, Innovation Effectiveness, Organizational Performance


Promoting creative work behavior to innovation effectiveness and organization performance.This is an academic article aimed at creating a framework of ideas and research proposals.The aim of this study was to study the relationship of independent variables. the promoting creative work behavior. Compose creating different ideas, proactive behaviors change, continuous learning, cooperation in development, diversity management and creative integrated knowledge that affect the dependent variables, namely the effectiveness of innovation, organizational performance. In addition, the study of factors affecting the promotion of creative work behavior are creative leadership, flexible organization structure, information and communication technology. The Moderation is the intensity of competition.That plays a role in the relationship between the innovation effectiveness and organizational performance.

This study uses 1) Resource-based view theory describes the ability to create a sustainable competitive advantage by promoting creative work behavior. The human resources of the organization and the ability of the organization. 2) Dynamic Capability, describes the ability to adapt to the organizational environment and 3) Contingency Theory, describe the ability to manage the organization in accordance with the situation at that time and the ability to adapt to the changing internal and external environment. In particular, the external environment of the organization is the intensity of competition.







บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)