The Guideline for Small and Medium Enterprises’ Total Quality Management IN ASIA


  • อโณทัย งามวิชัยกิจ


Total Quality Management, SMEs, Business Excellence, Asia


This research aimed to propose a guideline to support total quality management of SMEs in Asia by using total quality management concept and business excellence framework. The research was conducted with qualitative research through documentary study and five day-group discussion with a group of 17 multi-country informants from 14 countries who are government units, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and SMEs throughout Asia including observatory study with 4 excellent quality SMEs in Srilanka in order to present the findings for expert endorsement. 

The results revealed that SMEs are recommended to operate with 5 cyclical steps of total quality management; Adopt Quality Management Assessment, Embrace Quality Management Framework , Strengthen Foundation for Quality Management, Implement Quality Practice Program and Sustain Quality Excellence. The development of quality management for SMEs was proposed with mentoring program with government and non-government staffs and networking support for business facilitation to expedite SME growth from mutual good relationship among SMEs themselves.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)