The Contexts influencing on the Training for Human Resource Development


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Training, Human resource development


The “Contexts Influencing on the Trainings for Human Resource Development” is an academic article which presents the practical concepts of trainings for Human Resource Development. Beginning with the definition of “training”, followed by; the objectives of the training, types of training and systems used in the training. The main objective of this academic article is to illustrate the critical contexts in different perspectives and factors which have direct influences on the trainings. It is critical that the Human Resource Developer would pay an interest on each training and human resource development activity. The focus areas can be divided into 3 main sections (1) challenges in business, (2) lessons learnt from the research of training and human resource development and (3) importance of trainings and human resource development activities, including; the prioritization in order to increase and/or improve knowledge base, skill sets, attitude, and others for the employees. Therefore, considering those mentioned contexts and factors are important and critical since it will support the organization to develop appropriate strategies for the highest effectiveness and achieving the goal(s).






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)