Effect of Gasohol Consumption in Transportation Sector on the Increasing of Sugarcane and Cassava Production in Thailand


  • วนิดา นรเศรษฐ์โศภน


Sugarcane, Cassava, Ethanol, Gasohol


This research report investigates the effect of gasohol consumption on the increasing
of sugarcane and cassava production in Thailand. Currently, there are three types of gasohol
being produced for consumption within Thailand: gasohol E10, E20 and E85. The most
popular raw materials used in ethanol production in Thailand are molasses and cassava. In the
past, the government has taken measures to encourage car users to use gasohol more to
reduce the import of energy from abroad, especially energy in the form of crude oil. In this
research, the data of import of crude oil, gasohol consumption, other fuels consumption,
ethanol production, sugarcane production and cassava production were investigated by
researcher. The data of gasohol consumption and ethanol production capacity were annually
collected and analyzed by numerical analysis method and found that there is a high demand
for ethanol for the production of gasohol each year. In the years 2009-2016, the amount of
ethanol which was used for gasohol production, increased at a very high rate. It will increase
with the trend towards ethanol production (use of sugarcane and cassava as raw material) in
2018. And afterwards, ethanol production capacity is insufficient to meet market demand.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)