The Lottery Purchasing Behaviors of Generation B,X and Y in Bangkok Metropolitan


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  • วสันต์ เจนร่วมจิต


Lottery, Generation B, X and Y, Purchasing Behaviors


The objectives of research aimed to study the demographic data of Generation B,X and Y including the lottery purchasing behaviors and the satisfaction of the marketing mix factors towards the decision making of lottery on Generation B, X and Y. The survey research was employed by questionnaires collecting with 450 samples in Generation B, X and Y who were used to buy lotteries by means of using the multi-stage sampling. The research results found that most of respondents were 332 females (73.8%) and 118 males (26.2%). Most of them had lottery purchasing behaviors by themselves in reasons of wanting to be rich and getting big lump sum.  They have continued to buy lottery for more than 5 years and the average purchasing amount in 1 – 2 lotteries’ leaves which had minimum price of 80 baht and maximum price of 100 baht. Most behaviors of them did not buy the lottery series; they buy from supermarket / market/ 7-11 shops and buy in advance for more days. Most of them were very satisfied with promotion, especially in the aspect of checking the lottery results through websites and mobiles. In the aspect of product, they thought that it was the legally bet which regulated by government. In the aspect of place, there were convenience to buy and easy of buying, another aspect of price, the price of lottery series should not excess 80 baht per leaf, respectively.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)