The Identification of A Competency for Programmers at Fusion Solution CompanyLimited


  • ธนธรณ์ ชูชาติพงษ์
  • มณฑล สรไกรกิติกลู


Competency, Programmer, Human Resource Management, Job Analysis


This research aims to determine the competency of programmers at Fusion Solution Co., Ltd. This company believes that it is important to determine the competency of its programmers because the services that it provides consists of customized software applications that based on customer’s requirements. The programmers play an important role in software development, as well as delivering products and services to customers. Therefore, programmers’ competency should be determined in order to set the working standard for all of the programmers in the company. This research is based on several sources of information related to the competency of programmers. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted with Fusion Solution Co., Ltd.’s executives and senior programmers with regards to the knowledge, skills, and attributes that are appropriate for programmers. The data from the interviews was used to determine the competency of the company’s programmers through job analysis to determine the suitable competency for the position in the company. This research found that the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (TPQI) has determined that programmers need to have six standard competencies, while the programmers at Fusion Solution Co., Ltd need to have 17 competencies. The reason for this difference is that the TPQI’s six competencies were defined based on its research with software development companies and related companies. These competencies consist of the common functional competencies for the overall job of a programmer. However, these competencies do not specify any particular role or position. According to this research, it is necessary to determine the competency of a programmer based on their role or position in a company. Therefore, the specified competency of programmers can use as a working standard for proper management in the company.






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