A Feasibility Study on the Investment of a Bio-molecular Laboratory


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Feasibility Study, Net Present Value (NPV), Discounted Payback Period (PB), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index (PI)


The “Feasibility Study on Molecular Biology Laboratory Investment Project, Private
Hospital in Chiang Mai” aims to analyze the project feasibility for decision to invest in the
Molecular Biology Laboratory. The study uses content analysis and qualitative analysis.
Findings were presented in four aspects; marketing, technique, management, and finance.
This project initial investment is 1,083,465 Baht. The results revealed that the Net Present
Value (NPV) was 1,133,836.82 Baht at the 15% required rate of return, and 50.34% of the
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and 2 years 3 months and 11 days of discounted payback period
(DPB). Profitability Index (PI) was equal to 2.05 times. For this investment project, marketing
opportunity and market growth potential were analyzed. According to the prediction, the
tendency of having molecular biology test was increasingly required as it was the new
technology and the doctors had much more interests in using this test for their patients. At the
initial stage, this project should be applicable for the tests of influenza and dengue fever, as
the most common diseases that the patients were diagnosed in the past. The project should
be located at Amphoe Muang Chiangmai. Operation layout divides into 3 sections: the
laboratory into Media Preparation Room, DNA Extraction Room, and DNA Analysis Room.
After capacity analysis, this investment will be able to adequately support the next five year
demands. Medical laboratory scientist should be additionally recruited for 2-3 persons.
This Molecular Biology Laboratory shall open daily during 8 am to 8 pm and managed under the
Laboratories Department Supervision. 






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