Market Structure, Competitive Behavior and Market Performance of Indigo Product, Sakon Nakhon Province


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Indigo Product, Market Structure, Competition Behaviors, Market Performance


The objective of this study was to analyze the market structure competitive behaviors,
which included both price and non-price competition strategies and Market Performance of
Indigo Product, Sakon Nakhon Province. The statistical data of this study groups were
classified in B. 2559-2560 (2016-2017) a total of samples. The analysis is divided into 2 parts:
1.Quantitative analysis, by measuring the concentration of the industry; 3 methods of index
are: Concentration Ratio (CR), the index Hirschman – Herfindahl Index (HHI) and the index
Comprehensive Concentration Index (CCI) with descriptive information. 2.Analysis of the
description of the marketing structure and the studying of the behavior of price and non-price
competition included analysis on price productivity, the technical progress and profits to
determine the performance of the market.
The study revealed that the Indigo Product in Sakon Nakhon Province was structured
by the Monopolistic Competition market with CR, HHI, and CCI were average respectively
0.49, 0.04 and 0.23 . The results pointed the level of concentration in intermediate and were
involving competition level. The firms in the market were price competition. There are three
price were set higher and lower than the competitors. Set equal to competitors. Non-competitive behavior section, product development, storytelling, event marketing and digital
marketing to steal share. Creating Value added and economic profit. The process result of
indigo products showed the efficiency of the equilibrium price, the value-added and economic
Profit. Its made customers recognized and trusted to the products under the brand "Leicester
City" and "Starbuck". Its had been certified and indicated as Geographical Science as indicator
of Geographical Science (GI) products. The environmental conservation was praised by World
Craft Council: The WCC had been considered Sakon Nakhon as WCC-World City for Natural






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