An Analysis Causal Model of Financial Technology using Information System Success Model


  • กนกกาญจน์ เสน่ห์นมะหุต


Information System Success Model, Trust, financial technology behavior, Financial technology, Structural equation model


This research has objectives: To analyze the causal factors of financial technology
usage behavior by using the success model of information technology system that consists of
system quality variables and the quality of the information technology influencing on trust and
the trust that influences the behavior of using financial technology. Check the consistency of
the causal factors of the usage behavior of financial technology by using the successful model
of information technology system with trust as mediator variables Online questionnaires were
collected from 422 Thai users of financial technology services of commercial banks in
Thailand. The results of the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis indicated that
Information System Success Model does have a direct influence on trust (β=0.931, p< 0.001)
and indirect influence on financial technology behavior (β=0.901, p< 0.001). The results of this
research significantly found that system quality and information quality are major factors which
can measure the success of the financial information technology system and can affect the
behavior of users of financial technology. From this research, bank executives can use the
process from research to improve, especially the service quality of financial technology
systems, to meet the needs of daily life users. Furthermore, the results of this research can be
used to formulate relevant policies and strategies to achieve competitive advantages; and
further developing an efficient financial technology.






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