Factors Affecting on Attitude and P urchase Intentions toward Counter Brand Diamond Jewelry : A Comparative Case Study among 3 Brands


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  • ชิตวันพัทณ์ วีระสัย


Competitive Advantage, Information Technology, Innovation


This objectives of this research were to 1) study factors which had influence on purchasing decision toward counter brand diamond jewelry and 2) to compare brand attitude among 3 diamond  jewelry counter brands. The research data was retrieved from 400 samples who used to buy diamond jewelry from Jubilee Diamond, Prima Diamond and De Preco Diamond and were collected from 8 branches of Central Department Store. The closed end questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data. Main data analysis methods were descriptive analysis and referential statistic. The hypothesis testing was done by using t-test and the Analysis of Variance at the significant level of 0.05. The relationship of attitude toward brand upon marketing mix variable and purchasing intention was performed by using Linear Multiple Regression.

The research results revealed that the sample group holistic evaluation upon importance of 4 main marketing mix variables and 22 sub variables was at high level. Price factor ( = 4.09, S.D. = 0.518) had the most influence on decision making for counter brand diamond jewelry. The latters were product and brand factor ( = 3.95, S.D. = 0.407),

distribution channel factor ( = 3.86, S.D. = 0.539)  and promotion and communication factor ( = 3.68, S.D. = 0.467)  in orderly.

            The multiple regression result revealed that there were 7 sub marketing mix variables altogether:  the stiff and setting, brand reputation, sales person service, sales promotion, sales promotion with department stores, sales promotion with credit card and brochure and promotion distribution, could explained about 43.5 – 52.3 percentages of  purchasing decision toward at least 2 brands. The hypothesis testing results revealed that gender, age, education and income were the variables that had significant level of influence upon the importance level of marketing mix variables.






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