The Effects of Quality Cost Management on Corporate Performance of Young Smart Farmers in Thailand


  • Chonlada Manassong
  • Utid Suakaew
  • Wanchai Luewumnouichok
  • Satit Uraivarojanakorn


Quality Cost Management, Performance, Young Smart Farmers


The objectives of this research were to 1) study opinions on quality cost management of young smart farmers in Thailand, 2) study opinions on performance of young smart farmers in Thailand, and 3) study the effects of the quality cost management on the performance of young smart farmers in Thailand. This research used a questionnaire with the reliability at 0.872. The sample was 291 young smart farmers chosen by accidental sampling. The statistics for analyzing the data were descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation) and Inferential Statistics (correlation coefficients, multiple regressions).

The results showed that the overall of the opinions on quality cost management of young smart farmers was at the highest level ( = 4.24) and the overall of the opinions on performance of young smart farmers was at high level ( = 4.05). According to the analysis of young smart farmers' effects of quality cost management on their performance, the results showed that prevention costs and failure costs were statistically significant positive correlation of 0.01. The factors could predict the performance of young smart farmers at 78.80 percent.


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