Service Quality Perception and Intention to Purchase through Live Shopping by Chinese Consumers


  • Siripak Siritho


Live Shopping, Service Quality, Intention to Purchase


The main objectives of the research were to 1) study Chinese consumers' purchase behavior through live shopping, 2) study Chines consumers’ service quality perception toward live shopping, and 3) to study the relationship between the Chinese consumers’ service quality perception of live shopping and the intent to buy via live shopping. The research data were collected from 400 Chinese consumers via online platforms: WeChat and TikTok. The primary research tool was a closed-ended questionnaire. Descriptive and reference statistics were used for data analysis. The relationship between the Chinese consumers’ service quality perception of live shopping and the intent to buy via live shopping was analyzed using Multiple Linear Regression. The results revealed that the majority of consumers were female, aged 18 – 25 years old, had a bachelor’s degree with the average annual income of lower than 20,000 yuan (95,000 Baht), and usually shopped via live shopping less than 5 times per month. The main items that they purchased were food, cosmetics, and clothing, mainly through Taobao and TikTok. The main motivation affecting their purchase decision was prices and discounts. Producers and key opinion leader (KOL) and artists were the main Influential hosts. All aspects of service quality were rated at a high level. Among them, prices and discounts gained the highest score. Service quality perception aspects which were found to have positive influenced on purchase intention were system technical efficiency, streamer quality, product and quality, and price and sales promotion which could together explain the variance in intention to purchase up to 59.7 percent.


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