The Japanese consumers’ attitudes towards the Japanese restaurants and the marketing mix effecting the decision making in choosing Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai province


  • Phatthira Yossombat
  • Sutthipat Assawavichairoj


Attitude, Marketing Mix, Buying decisions of Japanese consumer, Japanese restaurants


The objectives of this study were to study the attitudes of Japanese consumers towards Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai, marketing mix and buying decision making for using Japanese restaurant service in Chiang Mai, and to study the attitudes of the Japanese consumers towards Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai and marketing mix factors that influenced consumers' buying decision making to Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai.

 This study was qualitative research. The instruments used were closed-ended questionnaires to collect data from a representative sample of the entire population to be studied and the obtained data were used for further statistical analysis. The sample was selected using Non-Probability Sampling, a purposive or Judgement sampling method. The sample consisted of 400 Japanese consumers who are currently residing or used to reside in Chiang Mai and had experience eating Japanese food in Chiang Mai. Furthermore, validity and reliability were conducted to determine the consistency of measurements and results and also constructed a confidence interval with 95% confidence in order to summarize the results of the research as accurate and reliable as possible.

The research findings showed that the independent variables, attitude and marketing mix influenced the Japanese consumers' buying decision making to Japanese restaurants in Chiang Mai according to the hypothesis and aligned with the other researchers who studied the relationship of the same independent and dependent variables. Besides, the findings were aligned with the theory of Schiffman and Kanuk and the theory of Philip Kotler that were used as a reference in this research study.


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