Legislative Problems and Obstacles of Home School Arrangement


  • Pongmanut Deeod Faculty of Social Sciences, Mahamakut Buddhist University Isan Campus


Home school, Education Management, Problems of Education


The purpose of this research is to study about law for basic education arrangement by family (home school) and to analyze problems from central administrative court’s judgment, red case no. 625/2563 which is considered to be a major problem for home school. Moreover, the solutions for tackling those problems are also suggested. This research is a qualitative research with documentary research which is studied from the judgment and also related document since 28th April 2020 the date that administrative court’s judgment has been published to the public. The result of this research can be seen that there is currently a regulation of home school permission in Thailand in order to support educational equality as well as developing potential of students with full capacity by having family as a teacher. However, on 28th April 2020, there has been a judgment about basic home school cases from central administrative court which can analyze problems and divide into 3 issues. 1. Ministerial regulation of basic home school right, 2004 has not clearly stated assessment condition. 2. Time period for educational assessment of home school has not been clearly substantiated. 3. There are problems about credits transfer of the home school students for being promoted to higher many education levels for once. From those described problems, all of them are obstacles for home school support.


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บทความวิจัย (Research article)