Comparing Top-down and Bottom-up Teaching Method via Cloud Based Learning Enhancing e-Commerce Web Coding Skill of Undergraduate Students


  • Wijittra Potisarn Faculty of Management Science, Surindra Rajabhat University


Cloud Based Learning, e-Commerce, Top-down Teaching Method, Bottom-up Teaching Method, Web Coding Skill


  This research aimed to 1. analyze and design an e-commerce web system and 2. develop a prototype system. Moreover, it aimed to 3. create an instructional package of web coding and 4. compare top-down and bottom-up teaching methods via cloud based learning, enhancing the e-commerce web coding skills of undergraduate students. The sample was the undergraduate students at Surindra Rajabhat University who enrolled in the first semester of 2020. The cluster random sampling could collect thirty students. The instruments of this research were learning plan, instructional package, and test of e-commerce web coding skill. The statistics were mean, frequency, percentage, standard deviation, and Mann-Whitney U Test. The results found that firstly, the analyze and design presented two types of users including owner and customer. The system functions for owner were customer management, product management, product type management, ordering management, shopping cart management, payment management, shipping management, and promotion management. Moreover, the system functions for customer were profile editing, ordering management, shopping cart management, and payment management. Secondly, the development of prototype system found that it was according analyze and design. Thirdly, the development of the instructional package of web coding for e-commerce of undergraduate students found that the instructional package was separated into two types including top-down web coding and bottom-up web coding. In addition, the contents of learning were using session, select, insert, delete, and update which were database management through the different forms for web. Fourthly, the comparing top-down and bottom-up teaching method of students found that it was not different.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)