Ethical Leadership of Administrators in the Local Administrative Organization


  • Chinnapat Phibunsongkhram Rajabhat University
  • Chutipong Phibunsongkhram Rajabhat University
  • Kamontip Phibunsongkhram Rajabhat University
  • Nontaphum Phibunsongkhram Rajabhat University
  • Tanastha Phibunsongkhram Rajabhat University


Ethical Leadership, Administrator, Local Administrative Organization


Moral and ethical development in management of local administrators must be performed along with knowledge, abilities, and Emotional Equotient. Local executives must have moral equotient and emotional equotient to be steadfast in a rapidly changing world. Therefore, local administrators are expected to be good models because local executives are remarkable for their local administrative organizations, which must be good models inside and outside of local administrative organizations. As a result, the behaviors of local administrators in the administration of local administrative organizations affect the quality of leaders and personnel unavoidably. In this article, the author presents ethical leadership of administrators in local administrative organizations that is considered as the model of good ethical behaviors for becoming accepted by followers on loyalty, reliability, fairness, and attentiveness plus with concepts on academic principles, human resources development, budgets, and general administration for leading to the guidelines for improving local administrative organizations based on ethical leadership of administrators of local administrative organizations. Sources of ethical leadership could be classified as well. Moreover, ethical leadership of administrators must be concerned for stimulating demands of each person as well as new work methods for improving working and abilities on decision making.  


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