The Role of Communication for the Development of the Organization and Community of the Administrators of the Sub-District Administrative Organization in the New Era With Digital Technology


  • Thanakorn Sriko Major of Educational Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Phitsanulok University
  • Wittayatorn Tokaew Major of Educational Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Phitsanulok University


The role of communication, Administrative Organization, Digital technology


The fast adapting towards the generation of communication without borders  has affected the executive  administrator in the sub district administrative organization.  They should develop the roles and knowledge skills in  communicating to develop the organizations and communities via both direct  ways and   indirect ways which  use  the digital technologies for being the medium to widely and modernly transfer the  knowledge to target people.  Nowadays, most government organizations often suffer from incomprehensive communication to the people and the news has discrepancy and distortion from the facts. It makes damage to the government organizations and it is continuously shared on the social media.  This article presented about the sub district administrative organization’s roles and the administrator’s responsibilities in communicating for achieving the organization’s successful goals, the components and leaderships in communicating  for developing the organizations and communities in the 4.0 generation, and   considering to  select the digital technologies for applying in the communication processes for  developing the organizations and communities. These proposed knowledge will be guidelines for effectively developing the communication systems in the local government organizations and communities and it also help to promote the cooperate image of organizations and communities. 


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